Friday Jam


Since all the workshops are held on the weekend, why not take your afternoon off on the friday to meet your new friends in the world’s most beautiful city ?
If the weather is on our side, we will gather at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower for the first hoop jam of the day in the grass… til dusk !

rendez-v'hoop 023   IMG_9694

Then, we will take the metro for a very shortride to Palais de Tokyo, where the Burn Crew Concept leads fire jams since 2004 ! We will provide free fuel and professionnal safety staff on location. Please bring all sorts of fire and led props !
First burns are welcomed and we can guide you to make it a great success in front of that amazing view 🙂

Bassin du Palais de Tokyo
13, avenue du Président Wilson 75116 Paris
ACCES METRO : Line 9, stop IENA
Exit «Musée d’Art Moderne» and keep walking forward on avenue du Président Wilson.
Palais de Tokyo is a big monument on your right, go through the columns in the middle and walk down the stairs to the basin and admire the beautiful view.


Les tutos en vidéo !
  • [TUTO] EscaBoWgie avec Sally Hoops
  • [TUTO] Toss Catch Pose
  • [TUTO] L’Octopus
  • [TUTO] Hoopdance Alphabet
  • [TUTO] Le Mandala
  • [TUTO] Plier 2 cerceaux ensembles
  • [TUTO] Escalator / Wrap / Wedgie
  • [TUTO] La Gatoun Hoop Dance
  • [TUTO] Comment plier son cerceau
  • [TUTO] Le One Handed Float
  • [TUTO] Séquence 1 – Horizontal Débutant
  • [TUTO] Changer de sens
  • [TUTO] Le Corkscrew
  • [TUTO] Le Passing sous la jambe
  • [TUTO] Le Vortex
  • [TUTO] Le Lift Down
  • [TUTO] Le Lift Up
  • [TUTO] Le Passing
  • [TUTO] Le Lasso
  • [TUTO] Cerceau à la taille et déplacements
  • [TUTO] Comment faire du hula-hoop à la taille ?
  • [TUTO] Comment choisir son cerceau ?